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Three Reasons for Building Owners and Managers to use Cass Property Consultants to Investigate Building Defects

Three Reasons for Building Owners and Managers to use Cass Property Consultants to Investigate Building Defects

Reason 1 – Because of our Specialist Knowledge and Experience

The company was formed by Kevin Sergeant, a Chartered Building Surveyor with a diverse mix of technical knowledge and experience.  Following early hands-on experience working in his father’s building firm, Kevin spent 5 years attending full time courses in Building Studies.  He got his first career job with PSA who sponsored him to study a Diploma in Building Surveying.  Kevin then completed RICS requirements to become a Chartered Building Surveyor (MRICS).

Kevin’s career has been varied with a mixture of estates / facilities management, architectural design, private practice surveying and works supervision experience.  Running his own limited company since 2005, he understands commercial pressures and has empathy for business owners and managers.

Kevin’s training and experience distinguish him from most other chartered building surveyors.  Good practical knowledge and works supervision experience let him interact comfortably with trades operatives to ensure a high standard of workmanship.

Kevin’s extensive technical vocabulary and written communications skills result in documentation that is easy for contractors to understand and price.  His knowledge of repair principles and practices usually results in few variations to site works.  Note: Property owners and managers obtaining quotes directly usually results in frequent on-site variations and escalating costs.  Once contractors are on site the client’s bargaining position is weakened and they can soon find themselves out of their depth managing costs and variations.  Deciding not to use a specialist maintenance consultant like Cass Property Consultants can be a false economy. 

Reason 2 – Because we are Objective, Independent and give Reliable Advice

We are independent and provide sound advice based on years of training and experience.  Since 2005 we have built a reputation for providing clear detailed reports and specifications. Producing documentation for contractors to price in competition ensures parity of quotes/tenders and value for money.  Note: Unless all contractors are pricing identical works it is impossible to check whether costs are fair and reasonable. 

Investigating all likely causes of a problem and developing a suitable scheme of repairs increases the likelihood that it will be remedied.  Contractors are specialists in their field but can rarely identify causes outwith their specialism.  Some issues stem from poor detailing or faulty workmanship during construction and can show from day one or some time later.  A Chartered Building Surveyor with a highly developed knowledge of construction  and maintenance has the necessary skills to understand why the building has failed.  This lets them develop repairs with greater likelihood of success.

Reason 3 – Because of our Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Our clients are our priority and we are only as good as our last job.  We understand that regular communication is critical to avoiding misunderstandings and maintaining a good client/consultant relationship and strive to meet consistently high standards.  We are friendly and approachable and always grateful for feedback from our clients.

We hope you find this posting to be informative and would be happy to receive your any questions or enquiries.  You can reach us via our contact us page.