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Ten Minute Presentation to Lanarkshire Business Group

Yesterday it was my turn to give the 10 minute presentation to my fellow members of Lanarkshire Business Group which I joined in 2005 when starting my company.  The group is an excellent organisation that strikes the right balance between friendliness, humour and providing business leads between group members.  It is also an excellent forum for small business owners giving them access to the knowledge and expertise of a range of trades and professions.  Inevitably members come and go and during my time at the group I have met many interesting business owners and trusted contacts.

My ten minute presentation was a personal profile and explanation why my unique background and experience allows my company to offer an excellent service to clients in a wide range of services.  I told members about my being observant as a child enjoying the spot-the-difference puzzles that were common in magazines and newspapers and always spotting the odd things out.  I told them how after labouring for my dad, a building contractor, during school holidays I did five years full time study at college and polytechnic completing building studies courses.   Then recruited by PSA as a trainee technical officer (Maintenance Officer) I explained my induction for the role included excellent training including a three month hands-on craft appreciation course and instruction in building defects and failures.  During the course recruits from around the country learned practical skills for different trades from highly experienced teachers.  The emphasis was on how things should be done and what corners are commonly cut on site.  This was aimed at showing us what to look out for when supervising and checking site works.

I told members of my good fortune in receiving backing from PSA to study Building Surveying after completing the two year probation period.  This led to my passing a distance taught Diploma in Surveying with Merit and going on to become a Chartered Building Surveyor.

There were smiles and laughter when I commented that spotting building defects and workmanship faults is a habit that I can’t switch off (much to my wife’s annoyance when we are out together); and when I affirmed how passionate I am about my work (despite many people failing to understand how I could get excited about buildings).

Undoubtedly the icing on the cake for me was when Tom Frame of Servicemaster Clean, a member of Carluke Golf Club gave a testimonial after I had finished my talk.  Tom had given me a referral to investigate roofing issues causing significant problems for the club.  He told the group that many attempts at repairs had led to considerable expenditure without success before I became involved.  Tom explained that I surveyed the roof, specified the necessary repairs, obtained quotes and supervised the works to solve the problem.  He added that the cost of doing a proper job which involved re-roofing the affected area was less than the club had previously spent failing to repair the problem.  Tom’s comments were very welcome and put an extra spring in my step when leaving the meeting.

Anybody who is interested in finding out more about Lanarkshire Business Group which meets most Tuesday mornings at the county buildings in Hamilton can do so using the link in the ‘useful links’ section of the Cass Property Consultants website.